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Happy Holidays!

It is already the last month of the year and we can't believe how fast the year has passed. 2017 is a memorable year for us as we released a game (Tavern Tycoon) and also saw an end (D.U.S.T.). Still much to be learned, we grind our axes for 2018! Afterall, we do want to finish Tavern Tycoon! BTW, we will be closed between December 20th and January 15th, so don't expect any activity during that time. We wish you…

0.3 Build Features of Interest!

Other than the three new levels opening up ( that would be 6, 7 and 8) I’ve been focusing on providing players with more tools to “manage” the tavern. For example, many players have reported that it is difficult to find out why a particular guest is having a bad time and hence the negative reputation. To help this issue, I’ve added a new furniture item called “Information Desk” which similarly to the reception desk, will allow a clerk to…

Working on the 0.3 build cycle!

We've begun wrapping up planned features for the 0.3 build. Per usual, 0.3 build will be released via the dev build first and then pushed down to the stable build after that. Expect level 6 and 7 to be released along with it and polish level 5 as its contents are not quite there yet.As for the time of release, it is difficult to say - it is "done when it is done" - but it shouldn't take months like…

Farewell D.U.S.T.

As of September 21, D.U.S.T. is retiring its service and from Steam completely and in its entirety. D.U.S.T. will no longer be developed or supported. We hope that we can come back to you with a game worth supporting and enjoying again. Once again, thank you for all the love and support.