Terabench alpha 0.3 release.

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For those of you who are not familiar with Terabench, it is a simple bench-marking software (free to use but at your own risk) that I wrote to measure PC gaming performance. During the development of D.U.S.T. i felt the need to measure the GPU's performance without the arbitrary points system like most other bench-marking software provide. It focuses on measuring the GPU's triangle rendering capabilities with the parameters of 60 Frames per second and 1080p resolution.

The new alpha 0.3 provides more information of the user, particularly the graphics API in use (eg. direct x 11 or OpenGL) and a cleaner execution of codes around 60FPS.

As always, use it at your own risk and have fun.

Tavern Tycoon Developer log #4

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So, from the looks of it, the last developer log for Tavern Tycoon was posted September 2014 - about two whole years ago. I actually can't believe that this project got sided for this long. Nevertheless, let's get down to business!

Isometric view and zone construction

ttdevlog4_01Perspective camera was my first choice during prototyping, but mid-production stage, I realized that there were aspects of this camera choice that impacted gameplay in a negative way. Near edge objects were hard to distinguish visually and less screen space was getting rendered at once - effectively narrowing player vision and control. They were subtle, but were becoming more and more noticeable as more content was added. At this point, I had to make a choice to turn to the good old isometric view.

By the time I started adding room building and item placement, I was really glad that I made the switch. Honestly, the zoning system (dragging to select a rectangular area) would not have worked well with a perspective view. In retrospect, the switch was inevitable.

And yes that dude is throwing up on the screenshot 😀

Site under construction

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I've been reluctant to make changes to the website for the last few months. The reason being, I wanted to focus on making games. Now that both Tavern Tycoon and D.U.S.T. is near release (but it still could be delayed, as usual) I felt that it was time to make some changes to the website to reflect the latest news.
As for designing the new site, I felt that the focus should be on its function and function alone. The new site will feature a simpler and more personal blog style, from the previous magazine layout. It is a work in progress so certain parts of the site will change over time.

Lastly, I would like to add that news will be delivered in the classic blog like fashion: News when there is news, instead of monthly news - just seemed more practical.

Returning to its original design.

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Fortunately and unfortunately, Tavern Tycoon is taking "another" big turn. Yes, I have decided to dump the first person aspect and remain as a top down view tycoon game. This is not the first time that I've wanted to incorporate first person aspect (I tend to do this to everything) and reverted back. Truth be told, the first person aspect was fun and awesome but was hurting the gameplay. I've tried my best to merge the two, but the end result was very frustrating. In another words, merging two fun games didn't equal one large fun game. So, after many nights of review, Tavern Tycoon is going back to its root, and with that I am adding more "tycoon" -ness to the game. Hopefully this will be the last huge change to the game and that it be released soon.