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0.3 Build Features of Interest!

Other than the three new levels opening up ( that would be 6, 7 and 8) I’ve been focusing on providing players with more tools to “manage” the tavern. For example, many players have reported that it is difficult to find out why a particular guest is having a bad time and hence the negative reputation. To help this issue, I’ve added a new furniture item called “Information Desk” which similarly to the reception desk, will allow a clerk to be stationed. This then allows exiting guests to leave feedback before leaving the tavern completely. 

Another big feature is the new annual report feature to allow players to compare their progress with neighboring competition. The depth of this feature is still WIP, but I expect good things along with the new pause function I’ve been working on. (Pause function is available in the dev build now but is very buggy. The current implementation that I am working on should be much better and stable)