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D.U.S.T. is going Closed Alpha.

Going Closed Alpha

The last few days were awesome. Awesome in the sense that the server was flooded and the game is just flooded with good people 🙂 

But along with it, we found bugs and found bugs and more bugs and It made us realise how important "testing" a game with real players is and not just with staff members. I also noticed that it might give bad impression to those who are trying the game during the initial phase. 

With all this in mind, and that D.U.S.T. has a large group of people willing to test the game, D.U.S.T. is going Closed Alpha. This means that you will no longer be able to register a new player account, hence rendering the game closed to the current group. 

I understand that this was not part of the initial plan and was never told as one, but I think we are at a stage where we have more people flooding in than we can serve, and it is starting to hurt us in ways we have not prepared for. I apologize for having such a short notice, but we are experiencing maxed out servers that are prohibiting developers from having access to the game. 

I will post information on how to join the Closed Alpha Group later when everything is finalized and ready. I just wanted to put it out there that the game will not be accessible as of 12PM Eastern Time today - Feb 14th. 

Once again, I apologize for the short notice and thank you guys for the support. I think we are about to see a comeback in tactical FPS games...fingers crossed! 

Stay frosty!