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Farewell D.U.S.T.

As of September 21, D.U.S.T. is retiring its service and from Steam completely and in its entirety. D.U.S.T. will no longer be developed or supported. We hope that we can come back to you with a game worth supporting and enjoying again. Once again, thank you for all the love and support.

D.U.S.T. Dev. Branch Begins

The current D.U.S.T. is at 0.2.X cycle and is in need of major overhaul in practically ALL areas. I've been working and been away (due to health issues) but have found it hard to deliver a full patch. Since then, I've devised a plan that will work; compartmentalizing small sections of the game and releasing it - hence the dev branch. We will be working on the dev branch and updating it often and when it is ready to be…

Insider News – November

If you still haven't heard, D.U.S.T. was released on Steam Early Access last week. Here is the store page.To our surprise, there are more way more people interested in advanced firearm mechanics. The review scores jump down and up between "Mixed" and Mostly Positive", but we are really pumped to see that many people thinking positively about D.U.S.T. and what it aims to be in the future.Nevertheless, we are proud to be the developers behind this game and want to…

D.U.S.T. Steam Early Access Release

We are proud to announce Steam Early Access release for D.U.S.T.! There are few things that we have to keep in mind.Read and master field manuals before going into a full game session. We don't want people handling guns when they are cluelessBe respectful to all players at all times.Don't be a jerk.Enjoy and have patience...this is Early Access initial release!Steam Store PageSupport Forum Lastly, give our free gaming benchmark standard, Terabench, a try!