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Announcing Domino Simulator!

We are proud to announce our new game Domino Simulator 2020! It is a physics driven sandbox game that simulates dominoes! Design and build your domino chains the way you want it and waitch fall one after the other. Domino Simulator will be coming to Steam Early Access soon, more information to follow!

Tavern Tycoon is Released!

Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover is now fully released on Steam! It has been an exciting journey developing Tavern Tycoon, and we could have never done this without your support! Thank you! Also, if you are wondering about post-launch support, don't worry Tavern Tycoon will continue to be supported.

Version 0.8 and leaving Early Access

Version 0.8 is released! It comes with many sweet fixes that we really needed. Also, Tavern Tycoon has been in Steam Early Access for two years now and we are considering leaving Early Access soon. Obviously, we will announce it before we actually leave, but we are nearing the end of our Early Access era.

Welcome 2019 and Tavern Tycoon

2018 was a mixed bag of joy and wonder. We were able to release version 0.6 which features all ten levels (with some minor gameplay bugs still), new UI and most of all, a reworked gameplay! We are excited to enter 2019 with the prospect of leaving Early Access and as always, a big thanks to all the supporters. The journey so far was just awesome!