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Graveyard Happy Hour!

The long awaited level 7 (Pirates of Blue Seas) and 8 (Graveyard Happy Hour) is here! The two new levels feature new systems and gameplay mechanics such as the invasion system, trade system and storage system. While the the new additions are great, it is still experimental hence they will only be available via the Dev Build in the mean time.

Introducing the new Champion System!

While the details of the feature is premature to discuss openly, I am proud to announce a new feature of Tavern Tycoon - the Champion System. Through this, players should be able sponsor champions of their choosing for various tasks and also use the sponsorship as a marketing tool. Initially, the system will feature three champions (starting from left: Elven Archer, Holy Knight and Assassin) and manage what good things happen when they sign your sponsorship.

Dynamic Global Illumination!

We are introducing Dynamic Global Illumination to Tavern Tycoon and it looks awesome! For those of you who are not familiar with this rendering technique, think of it as a visual steroid (no, really). Basically, it renders light bouncing of all objects in the scene simulating how lights work in real life. Few modern AAA titles feature Global Illumination, which often sets the graphics level up a notch from other titles. It is also fully dynamic, so we've been playing…

0.3 Build Features of Interest!

Other than the three new levels opening up ( that would be 6, 7 and 8) I’ve been focusing on providing players with more tools to “manage” the tavern. For example, many players have reported that it is difficult to find out why a particular guest is having a bad time and hence the negative reputation. To help this issue, I’ve added a new furniture item called “Information Desk” which similarly to the reception desk, will allow a clerk to…