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Insider News – August

DUST in town.

Yes. This is that date announcement that we've been all waiting for, and yes it is pretty much final. Before we go into further detail, I would like to put a big notice out there that the details may change with or without any notice.

Projected Early Access Release Date: TBA (Delayed due to technical issues)

Price: 20 US$

 if you are not familiar with what DUST is, check these videos out

  1. D.U.S.T. Steam Greenlight Page
  2. D.U.S.T. pre alpha video by Bluedrake42 - first major coverage
  3. D.U.S.T. softbody physics demo video
  4. D.U.S.T. at its prototype stage (dubbed Ten Four back then)

Visit D.U.S.T.'s mainpage for more information, or alternatively, visit the roadmap page for bullet point form here.

And now some screenshots of release candidate build.