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TerapolyInsider News – July

  • Terapoly!

It was about damn time.

After projects after projects piling up at my desk and most of the projects never receiving decent development time that they deserve, I figured that it was about time. Time to really change gears and be someone that makes games that are fun and innovative. Yes, I said it. We will make games that are fun and innovative. It is my wildest dream and passion to make such games, but hey, someone said that getting started is half the job - or something along those lines. So congratulate us and be glad for us. Let us all pray that we make games that we claim to make and not alter.

Things to note for this month:

1. Terapoly is officially and unofficially live. While that could mean a lot of things, one thing is sure. We will be releasing our future games under this name. For one, the website ( - this site you are on) is up and running. The other is that we now have awesome company emails. And now that we are mentioning this, email us at should anyone like to contact us. Project wise, this means that we will be dropping some of our previous projects. There are many reasons behind this decisions and I would like to apologize for postponing some of the projects after receiving support from many people.

2. Our first project will be Tavern Tycoon: Dragon's Hangover, which is a classic tycoon/management game. It is our first commercial game, so be patient with us. This is by far the largest project that we've dealt with. The details of the game are at the subsection under the "GAMES" tab, so check it out if tycoon games are your thing. We are going Steam - if we get greenlit 🙂

3. We are actively looking for talented people. We are in dire need of 3d artists so send us your resume/portfolio by any means if interested.


That's it folks. We will bring you more news as soon as we have more news, we will let you know. Stay frosty