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Insider News – June

Steam Early Access

 is what we have here! Yes the testing phase is now completely over, many thanks to those who tested the game for us very patiently from 0.1a to 0.1g, and now we are zeroing in on preparing D.U.S.T. for Steam Early Access. We will soon be announcing dates and pricing along with more details of the game. The download links for the test builds have been removed as well.

Above is a screenshot of smoke grenades for D.U.S.T. It is an in game screenshot without any post processing.

Also, we've started a Trello based roadmap for public view, but it is not ready yet. The link to the roadmap site should be ready up in a few days when it is up and running.

Site Overhaul

I believe the change is quite obvious, but we've gone under a site overhaul, yeah!!!! Now, not all aspects of the site is 100%, but in general, it works and does it is supposed to do. Don't be too alarmed if we go into construction mode from time to time. I hope you guys like the new site. Also, we have a teamspeak channel that is open to anyone - as long as he or she does not abuse it. Feel free to use it for VOIP with your friends for any game or use it to talk to us directly.

Tavern Tycoon

is very special to us. We've spent so many late night snacks on this one. Unfortunately, as D.U.S.T.'s development is still very much happening, we've delayed it for as long as we can. Many of you suspected it, but we were just not brave enough to part with this project. Tavern Tycoon will be delayed indefinitely, until further notice. Don't worry though, we are not abandoning the project or anything. We are just acknowledging that the project is not at the top of our list until D.U.S.T. is out of it.

Let's hope that we can get back on this project before the winter comes.