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D.U.S.T. Developer Log #2


 is one of the things overlooked on many FPS games. There are couple games out there that supports mounting but that is as far as things go. DUST on the other hand, is going to go as far as we can. Right now there are six ways to hold your gun. Check the following screenshots to see what we are taking about...

screenie1Standard Grip First Person View (the new sky and shading is a bonus)

screenie5Close Grip

screenie3Handle Grip

screenie4Back Grip

Now, this is not all and only three has been shown but I think it should be enough to understanding the direction we are headed.

As for the feature itself and its uniqueness, let's be honest, having multiple animations to replicate grips is not world changing, but what if you were able to dynamically control your grip to mount your weapon? What if you were able to use a nearby tree trunk to keep your weapon stable? What if you could use your team mates shoulder to stabilize your sniper rifle? What if all this was implemented dynamically throughout the game?


To be continued on the next dev log.