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Insider News – August

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DUST in town.

Yes. This is that date announcement that we've been all waiting for, and yes it is pretty much final. Before we go into further detail, I would like to put a big notice out there that the details may change with or without any notice.

Projected Early Access Release Date: TBA (Delayed due to technical issues)

Price: 20 US$

 if you are not familiar with what DUST is, check these videos out

  1. D.U.S.T. Steam Greenlight Page
  2. D.U.S.T. pre alpha video by Bluedrake42 - first major coverage
  3. D.U.S.T. softbody physics demo video
  4. D.U.S.T. at its prototype stage (dubbed Ten Four back then)

Visit D.U.S.T.'s mainpage for more information, or alternatively, visit the roadmap page for bullet point form here.

And now some screenshots of release candidate build.




Insider News – June

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Steam Early Access

 is what we have here! Yes the testing phase is now completely over, many thanks to those who tested the game for us very patiently from 0.1a to 0.1g, and now we are zeroing in on preparing D.U.S.T. for Steam Early Access. We will soon be announcing dates and pricing along with more details of the game. The download links for the test builds have been removed as well.

Above is a screenshot of smoke grenades for D.U.S.T. It is an in game screenshot without any post processing.

Also, we've started a Trello based roadmap for public view, but it is not ready yet. The link to the roadmap site should be ready up in a few days when it is up and running.

Site Overhaul

I believe the change is quite obvious, but we've gone under a site overhaul, yeah!!!! Now, not all aspects of the site is 100%, but in general, it works and does it is supposed to do. Don't be too alarmed if we go into construction mode from time to time. I hope you guys like the new site. Also, we have a teamspeak channel that is open to anyone - as long as he or she does not abuse it. Feel free to use it for VOIP with your friends for any game or use it to talk to us directly.

Tavern Tycoon

is very special to us. We've spent so many late night snacks on this one. Unfortunately, as D.U.S.T.'s development is still very much happening, we've delayed it for as long as we can. Many of you suspected it, but we were just not brave enough to part with this project. Tavern Tycoon will be delayed indefinitely, until further notice. Don't worry though, we are not abandoning the project or anything. We are just acknowledging that the project is not at the top of our list until D.U.S.T. is out of it.

Let's hope that we can get back on this project before the winter comes.

D.U.S.T. is going Closed Alpha.

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Going Closed Alpha

The last few days were awesome. Awesome in the sense that the server was flooded and the game is just flooded with good people 🙂 

But along with it, we found bugs and found bugs and more bugs and It made us realise how important "testing" a game with real players is and not just with staff members. I also noticed that it might give bad impression to those who are trying the game during the initial phase. 

With all this in mind, and that D.U.S.T. has a large group of people willing to test the game, D.U.S.T. is going Closed Alpha. This means that you will no longer be able to register a new player account, hence rendering the game closed to the current group. 

I understand that this was not part of the initial plan and was never told as one, but I think we are at a stage where we have more people flooding in than we can serve, and it is starting to hurt us in ways we have not prepared for. I apologize for having such a short notice, but we are experiencing maxed out servers that are prohibiting developers from having access to the game. 

I will post information on how to join the Closed Alpha Group later when everything is finalized and ready. I just wanted to put it out there that the game will not be accessible as of 12PM Eastern Time today - Feb 14th. 

Once again, I apologize for the short notice and thank you guys for the support. I think we are about to see a comeback in tactical FPS games...fingers crossed! 

Stay frosty! 


Insider News

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Announcing D.U.S.T – the tactical shooter

featureWe are happy to announce that our tactical shooter project D.U.S.T (project known as TenFour) has reached a alpha testing phase along with possible Steam Greenlight submission. We've had a closed testing session last week and we all agreed that it was time for D.U.S.T to be revealed. The game will be available for play in a few days from this posting - we are currently busy making in game tutorials, so we are very close -  hence keep your eyes open if you are a FPS fanatic.

Here is what D.U.S.T is about

  • 3 vs 3 competitive team orientated multiplayer
  • Realistic ballistics (windage, gravity, ballistic drag/coefficient, coriolis effect etc)
  • Realistic weapon control (elevation, zeroing in, chamber checking, different types of reloading, free look etc)
  • New Trigger System
  • Large open area with unlimited view distance
  • Zero HUD at all times.

All screenshots are all direct in game screenshots

Firearm scopes with adjustable height, windage control. Master your long distance shots.

Firearm scopes with adjustable height, windage control. Master your long distance shots.


Competitive gaming + Extreme realism. Enough said.

Competitive gaming + Extreme realism. Enough said.

zero HUD, zero HUD, zero HUD. We are keeping the screen space maximized and clean

zero HUD, zero HUD, zero HUD. We are keeping the screen space maximized and clean

Tavern Tycoon

It has been a while since we've worked on Tavern Tycoon, mostly due to D.U.S.T's workload. For those of you who are not familiar with Tavern Tycoon, Tavern Tycoon is a simulation fantasy game where you, as a retired legendary hero, are operating a tavern. We've been greenlit on Steam last year and will be picking up on Tavern Tycoon as the development of D.U.S.T is wrapping up now. We speculate that Tavern Tycoon will take about 1~2 months to be ready for retail sales given its current project status and that makes its tentative release date mid March/April. It is also very likely that the game will become more serious in terms of gameplay and atmosphere.

The project development has been delayed multiple times now, and it has been mostly a time/funding related issues so we ask the fans and the supporters of the game to keep faith on this Tavern Tycoon a little longer. We are aware of fans who are worried about the project slowing fading away but we assure you that it is very much alive, just not at the top of the list - second on the list to be more exact. Moreover, we are not too worried about the game's delay as it never really had an official release date but more of an estimate. Nonetheless, we will definitely resume development as soon as we are able to work on it again.




Experimental Projects

Long long couple months ago...we had a little section called "Experimental Projects" which was set up to showcase prototype games that we got interested in developing. One of the notable projects that made it to the website was Server Zero - a single player RPG with hud elements that appears physically in gameworld. It was fun and short enough to make it a sweet memory for us.

After a while - about a week or two - it got taken down and was stripped to pieces and was to be never seen as it served its purpose of being an "experiment"

This will be a regular phenomenon - us trying new things and getting pulled down soon - so make sure you get to try it when it appears if you are a guy interested in new ways to do things.