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Time to part ways with the legacy forum.

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After few months of delayed moderation, the legacy forum is finally closing down for good. I am looking for ways to reduce workload on non-essential things - legacy forum being one, since we now have Steam forums. A site based forum may return if the need arises, but for now, I am retiring it completely.

Insider News – May

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Announcing Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover

I am proud to announce Tavern Tycoon - Dragon's Hangover, after its long awaited development. It will be released via Steam Early Access, with full released planned near the end of 2016. I hope you guys are excited!



D.U.S.T. 0.3 Development

Whilst further details are still be decided, I am very confident in the latest progress that D.U.S.T. has broken through. I expect more significant activity in June for D.U.S.T. so stay frosty until then.

Insider News – January

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D.U.S.T. is moving on to 0.3 patch cycle!!!
We expect to go live with the 0.3 build mid-late January, so keep your eyes open for this one! Also, a beta branch for the 0.3 will be available as well. Check the roadmap for details here.

From Developers with LOVE!

Given the latest events, I am stunned with the support that we have received from the community. Long it took for us to even consider D.U.S.T. to be on Steam at first, but we somehow managed to take that big step. On that note, I have to extend my gratitute once again to all of you. Respect! (laugh).

Year 2016 is here already and we are so hyped for another great year. To be honest, I am so excited to move onto the next patch cycle (0.3)! Oh yeah - let's not forget the remaining patches for the 0.2 cycle! Grazing at the long release history list, I can certainly say that it is about time - and forth we shall go towards full release. On going forward, D.U.S.T. Community Staff happened - check below - and I cannot describe how lucky we are to have these great people to work with. Delighted and deeply touched, I dance with joy for this blessing.

We are good to go for 2016, Happy New Year!
-Peter (Steam Profile)


2015 was a strange year for Terapoly. To name a few: TenFour (competitive tactical shooter)developed into D.U.S.T.. There was an unexpected break down of hardware on multiple occassions as well the corruption of a key build and so on. Personally, 2015 taught me many important lessons to me. Over the course of the year and in development of D.U.S.T. I feel that I have become a better programmer and a game developer.

Getting to know the community was also a great experience. I would like to thank the community and the supporters of D.U.S.T. without whom we would never be able to test the games and get realistic feedback! In 2016, I look forward to working together with the growing community, to make a realistic shooter that scratches everyone's realism-itch. Thank you once again for the unending messages of love and support!

We wish you an abundant love and success in the year 2016!Here is to another great year ahead of us. Happy New Year!

From Community Staff Members with more LOVE!
Hello! Vectrex720 here, Community Staff Member of the Terapoly TeamSpeak server. These last few weeks have been great, and there should be plenty more to offer in 2016. Feel free to stop by the TeamSpeak whenever to say hi, or to come hang. Keep in mind that the community is growing, and that it only gets better from here. Hope to see you around in 2016!
Hey everyone. I'm VaporStrike, one of the Community Staff members for the Terapoly TeamSpeak server, and totally not terrible at video games. I've been with D.U.S.T. since the beginning and I've enjoyed both playing the game and helping others to play the game. 2016 will be holding a lot in store for D.U.S.T. players, so we encourage you all to come and enjoy the game with us, and even if you aren't, you're welcome on the TeamSpeak server to just hang out while you play whatever games you're playing. We may not be a big community now, but we're a bunch of fun, and with what's in store for D.U.S.T., I doubt we will stay small for long. Hope to see you all in game on TeamSpeak!
-VaporStrike (Steam Profile)
I have been with dust since the beginning and have seen the community grow incredible amounts. I can't wait to see it grow even more and be able to meet all the new members!
-Thor714 (Steam Profile)

We are still accepting Community Staff members. If you are interested in helping us out running the Teamspeak channel and being involved in organizing gaming events, please let us know and send us an email:


Also, feel free to stop by and see us at our TeamSpeak Channel. You are free to play any games, with anyone on our channel. Make yourselves home!

Tavern Tycoon now supports buildings
Ever since the development of Tavern Tycoon resumed, few areas of the game are getting re-coded (this is good news) and lately, the building system is showing good progress. Tavern Tycoon is to hit Steam in near future, so keep your eyes open if you'd like to run your own fantasy tavern.


Insider News – November

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We are taking off!

If you still haven't heard, D.U.S.T. was released on Steam Early Access last week. Here is the store page.

To our surprise, there are more way more people interested in advanced firearm mechanics. The review scores jump down and up between "Mixed" and Mostly Positive", but we are really pumped to see that many people thinking positively about D.U.S.T. and what it aims to be in the future.


Nevertheless, we are proud to be the developers behind this game and want to extend our gratitude to those who helped us throughout the development. It has been an honor and a memory that will not be forgotten. Thank you!


Press Coverage

Now, I just want to introduce two pronounced videos uploaded to Youtube and appreciate their support and interest. The videos provide, in our opinion, are a good status report of what most new comers will experience. Definitely worth checking out and most fun.



We would also like to thank Bluedrake42 and PsiSyndicate for covering our game in the first week. Please click on the images to watch the video.