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Tavern Tycoon Developer log #4

Published / by TerapolyInsider

So, from the looks of it, the last developer log for Tavern Tycoon was posted September 2014 - about two whole years ago. I actually can't believe that this project got sided for this long. Nevertheless, let's get down to business!

Isometric view and zone construction

ttdevlog4_01Perspective camera was my first choice during prototyping, but mid-production stage, I realized that there were aspects of this camera choice that impacted gameplay in a negative way. Near edge objects were hard to distinguish visually and less screen space was getting rendered at once - effectively narrowing player vision and control. They were subtle, but were becoming more and more noticeable as more content was added. At this point, I had to make a choice to turn to the good old isometric view.

By the time I started adding room building and item placement, I was really glad that I made the switch. Honestly, the zoning system (dragging to select a rectangular area) would not have worked well with a perspective view. In retrospect, the switch was inevitable.

And yes that dude is throwing up on the screenshot 😀

Site under construction

Published / by TerapolyInsider

I've been reluctant to make changes to the website for the last few months. The reason being, I wanted to focus on making games. Now that both Tavern Tycoon and D.U.S.T. is near release (but it still could be delayed, as usual) I felt that it was time to make some changes to the website to reflect the latest news.
As for designing the new site, I felt that the focus should be on its function and function alone. The new site will feature a simpler and more personal blog style, from the previous magazine layout. It is a work in progress so certain parts of the site will change over time.

Lastly, I would like to add that news will be delivered in the classic blog like fashion: News when there is news, instead of monthly news - just seemed more practical.