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TerapolyInsider News – August

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New FPS Project inbound

I've been wanting to work on a new FPS project for some time now, and today the decision was made and the project will begin shortly. This doesn't mean that the current project (Tavern Tycoon) will be delayed, the game is almost ready anyway, so don't worry.

As for the FPS game itself, it will be an online FPS game geared towards competitive play so stay frosty if this is your thing. I am posting a knife that I modeled recently that features the so called NEXT GEN graphics with a nice physically based shader support. If the technical stuff is not for you then just know that it will look very good visually. The details of the graphics will be covered in my next developer log session.



In-game upclose screenshot of the knife. It's a WIP, but I thought it would be pretty cool to share this stuff.

Site Visitors Soaring…

Ever since the mini game for Tavern Tycoon was uploaded, our network traffic and the number of visitors have nearly quadrupled...which is super awesome! Some people have mentioned that the site doesn't allow any form of communication which seems to be a valid point. I will try and see if the site can allow some form of communication. I'd also like to apologize for having the webpage inaccessible for about 5hours. It happened mostly due to my stupidity really; I was fiddling around with some settings which messed up some stuff...



 Nonetheless, the site is back online and was upgraded with some new stuff like Twitter Feeds on the sides. We've also had some work done on other areas like our Youtube Channel and now we have a channel URL:


Steam Greenlight

To give an update about Steam Greenlight, the votes have surpassed 7000+ and is nearing 8000 yes votes as of now, so thanks guys for supporting us. It is an awesome feeling to know that there are almost 10k guys (with a generous rounding off) that support us.


As for the actual Greenlight and public release, it is quite difficult to put out a solid release date. It will be Q4 2014 but that is all I can say.

Breaking through Top 50!

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Breaking Through Top 50

We broke through Steam Greenlight Top 50 couple days ago and thought that we should do something to celebrate. And then the idea of releasing one of the mini games (not the axe game). Simply go to our Tavern Tycoon Page and scroll down to play the game. Further instructions can be found there...


Here is the direct link:


Edit: As of now, I think we are in the top 40s and still moving up. Awesome!


Tavern Tycoon Developer Log #2

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Localization Support

I was not prepared for this one.

It's funny how we often forget that not everyone speaks English, but this time I did. Localization reminds me of the old days when I was playing some bizarre Japanese RPGs that I could never understand because, well, I didn't speak Japanese. Hell, I had issues navigating through the menu when I forgot where the save button was - was it the second one from the bottom or the third?

Having those childhood memories, I wanted to expand our language support for Tavern Tycoon. Thus I began looking for ways to localize the game without too much trouble and this is what we have in mind.




It's a spreadsheet! - a CSV file to be more exact. The CSV file, which will contain translations of all text used in Tavern Tycoon, will be included in your installation directory. It can be modified freely to add or change any text even a whole new language. I've added Google powered Spanish, Russian and Chinese as part of my prototyping session. So excuse me if I got anything wrong 🙂 Going back to the topic, at launch, I will try to include as many Google translations as possible, but ultimately, the localization process will heavily depend on the end users.


Update 09/12 - A prototype localization sheet is available now. You can find more details here.

 Update 09/15 - Video tutorial is now available here.